Top 10 Tips to Use Quickbooks Accounting Software and Resolve Issues

Top 10 Tips to Use Quickbooks Accounting Software and Resolve Issues
Quickbooks software is majorly used for its superb innovative features. It is perfectly fit to keep the financial transactions. But, at the same time, the software brings some errors that disturb the workflow. Well, you can easily resolve these issues by keeping in mind some measures and tips.

In this guide, we are going to offer the same. The user needs to consider these 10 tips to have a better workflow of the software. Before getting into the article, make sure to use Quickbooks install diagnostic tool. As it encompasses all the activities that can resolve any kind of error issues. Now, let’s know about these 10 tips.

Useful Quickbooks Tips
Take a look into an array of effective tips mentioned below to master the Quickbooks bookkeeping services. If you are using these tips then you will be good to go with the software.

Tip 1. Take Advice from ProAdvisor
Start to take full leverage from ProAdvisor. ProAdvisor program contains a collection of various tools, software, and resources. It is most useful in the beginning days when you don’t have enough knowledge about Quickbooks. With this program, you can connect with a local accountant who can assist and help you in using the software. Moreover, the accountant also provides advice regarding taxes and business structure.

Tip 2: Reconciliation of Quickbooks Accounts
The user needs to conduct constant reconciliation in order to verify that all of the transactions and bank account details are recorded. Every account that you receive consists of a beginning and ending balance that can be reconciled easily.

Keep in mind to reconcile your bank accounts as well as applicable accounts such as credit cards, loans, payroll liabilities, etc.

Tip 3: Make Sure to Make a Backup
In order to cope up with the consequences of the error, we need to make a backup of the company file. There are lots of errors that Quickbooks can encounter. That can lead to corruption within the company file. So, before proceeding with any kind of troubleshooting method, ensure to create a backup. Once done with the backup process, just use the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and you are good to go with the software. 

Tip 4: Consider Shortcuts
At times, we might feel bored and super exhausted when spending all our day tapping over the keyboard. But, now you can easily add the entries without indulging in these kinds of hardships. In the list below, you are provided some shortcuts that will help you to add entries in a minimal time. So, let’s dive into the list and learn each of them.

Ctrl + J    Open Customer Centre
Ctrl + A    Display the accounts chart window
Ctrl + F    Display Find Window
Ctrl + M    Memorize a transaction
Ctrl + C    Copy Selected part to the clipboard
Ctrl + I    Create Invoice
Ctrl + D    Delete Invoice, transaction, check, etc.
Ctrl + E    Edit a transaction in a register

Tip 5: Use the QuickMath Calculator
Quickbooks has come with its own calculator feature. It’s a hidden calculator that you can access easily. Just click on the edit option and select Use Calculator.

After that, you need to type the numbers there and then hit the appropriate signs (+, -, /, *) Now, if you are done with entering the numbers then hit the ‘=’ button.  Then, clear the entry with the C button and tap twice to delete the tape.

Tip 6: Customizing Quickbooks
Quickbooks also facilitates the customize option. That you can use to create and customize invoices, plans, spreadsheets with the user of ready-made templates.

There are some of the customize options that will help you:

1. Customize Layout:
If you are switching to the newer version of Quickbooks with the older version of Quickbooks. Also, facing difficulties with the new one then just do these simple steps and get back the old Quickbooks look.

  • Tap on view and hit the Icon bar.
  • Navigate to the edit option, select Preferences, and choose the desktop view.

2. Customize Your Icon Bar
There is another option that you can use to add, remove or modify the icons according to your preference. Therefore, you can choose the links that are your favorite and boosts your efficiency.

  • To Remove an Icon
  • Tap on the view and hit the customize icon bar.
  • Then, choose the icon you want to remove and select delete.
  • To add an icon
  • To begin, tap on view and choose to customize the icon bar.
  • Select Add.
  • Now choose the desired icon from the list.
  • Try to modify the label and description
  • Hit Ok.
  • To Modify an Icon
  • Click on View and customize the icon bar.
  • Choose the icon you want to modify.
  • Hit on the edit option and do the changes.
  • Tap on OK.

Tip 7: Print Checks from Quickbooks
Printing checks can bring a good workflow to the software. Below are listed some of the benefits of it.

  • Reduce unnecessary data entry to increase efficiency.
  • Update the cash flow.
  • Provide smoothness to the monthly reconciliations.
  • No need to paycheck fees to the bank.

The user needs to visit the Banking tab > Write Check > Print in order to print checks from Quickbooks.

Tips 8: Use Memorized Transactions
You can store daily transactions through the use of memorized transactions feature. This feature boosts the efficiency of the software.

To enable it, go to Lists, then memorized transactions list, that tap on the memorized transaction. In the end, click on New Group and select the transactions that you want to be memorized.

Tips 9: Right Click menus
Instead of moving towards the toolbar icons and menus, try to use the right-click menu shortcuts. Use it and save your time to find the relevant commands as most of them are presented in this menu.

For instance, make a right-click and highlight an entry in the charts of accounts.

Tip 10: Set Up 1099 Vendors
Quickbooks comes with another awesome feature set up 1099 vendors that will eliminate loss of time at the end of the year. If you are dealing with contractors then this will be a great help for you. It enables you to sort your taxes and payments.

Wrapping Up!
So, with all these 10 tips you can have great use of the software. Adding to this, I would recommend you to download Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. This tool will also help you in sorting out the error issue.

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