Plant Window - What is it used for and what plants can be grown in it?

Plant Window - What is it used for and what plants can be grown in it?

A plant window, also known as a garden window, is an excellent way to give your plants a comfortable, filtered environment. These greenhouse windows are made of extra-wide windowsills and shelves for plants. More advanced types have extra features such as heating, lighting, and water systems. Plant windows can be designed as part of the original design of a new house, or they can be added to existing buildings.

Plant windows are also ideal for kitchen gardens, where you can grow herbs and potted plants throughout the year. Garden windows are typically four-glass-sided, and they have the added benefit of increasing the amount of light that enters your kitchen. You'll also benefit from the many sides that a garden window can offer. Adding plants to your home is a great way to reduce stress, improve air quality, and achieve a natural aesthetic touch to your home.

Which plants are suitable for growing in a plant window?

Plants that don't require a lot of sunlight can be grown in a plant window, such as herbs and edible plants. Plants are a great way to decorate a window, and there are wide varieties you can choose from. Some herbs that do well in garden windows include basil, chives, oregano, parsley, and mint. Tomatoes are also a great choice, as they can tolerate direct sunlight and can bloom in a window in a relatively small space. 

You can also grow tropical plants in your window, such as orchids. Other great options are plants that can survive in the shade, such as ferns, begonias, and philodendrons. Some plants that do well in a sunny window include the Spider Plant, Rubber Tree, Green Dracaena, Jade Plant, and various succulents.