Hot Chest Tattoos For Men

Chest tattoos for men have quickly become among the most popular tattoo placement ideas. Some men use it as a fashion statement.

You love tattoos and are planning to get a meaningful, eye-catching masterpiece on your body? There is no better place on your body than the chest to achieve that. For tattoo lovers, the body is a canvas and a chest area, same as the thigh, is a great place to put beautiful large designs and art.

Chest tattoos for men have quickly become among the most popular tattoo placement ideas. After all, that’s a perfect way to show your beliefs and memories. Chest tattoos for men provide the ideal canvas for powerful symbols of strength, pride, loyalty, courage and masculinity, like owls for example. In fact, with so many cool chest tattoos to choose from, guys have the ability to showcase the most badass designs on their chest and still cover them up when required.

Some men use it as a fashion statement. Artists love chest tattoos because they have a lot of space to work with and to put a lot of stuff on. The cool thing about chest tattoos is that you can cover them up when you need to. Because of that when you think about getting a large tattoo you really can think outside of the box.

Chest tattoos are most suitable for brave men. Why? Well, they are known as some of the most painful tattoos. The area along the sternum and ribcage has less muscle fat meaning tattoos are more painful there compared to other places. You can expect less pain along the peck area if you have bigger muscle mass that provides padding and decreases pain.

For this reason, chest tattoo ideas can be bold, meaningful, and creative, allowing guys to really ink any type of artwork they want. And if you choose the right design, you may even decide to extend your chest piece into a full chest tattoo across both pecs or onto your shoulder, back, arm and sleeve.

Simple chest tattoos for men

The wings chest tattoo is one of the most common ideas for guys. Angel wings, eagles, birds, guardian angels, and mythical creatures like the phoenix and dragon can look great on the chest.

Furthermore, guys also love discovering tribal chest tattoo designs or the use of geometric shapes to convey different concepts. There are also the more bad boy styles like the skull, lion, wolf, tiger, and 3D designs.

Half chest tattoos for men

If you don’t want a full chest tattoo, it is perfectly fine to go with a design that only covers half of the chest area. In fact, some men prefer a half chest tattoo that extends all the way to the shoulder and upper arm. If you already have an upper arm tattoo or a badass full sleeve tattoo, coming up with a one-sided chest tattoo design is a bit easier. You can simply base the design on the already existing arm tattoo. Also the half of the chest is perfect for roundish tattoos, like the compass for example.

Coming up with a large chest tattoo for men can be really challenging. All that available canvas can be daunting to fill up. You should work closely with a tattoo artist in creating a perfect tattoo design, one that you will always be happy to show off. This applies to all tattoos, really.

Getting a one-sided chest tattoo on your left or right side can be a good decision for guys who already have a shoulder, upper arm, or half sleeve tattoo. A very common design is the koi fish tattoo.

Depending on the size of your chest piece tattoo, it may be impossible to complete it in one session – and this is especially true if you opt for watercolors or a colorful design rather than the classic black and grey chest tattoo. Starting with a sketch of the drawing and then outlining it on your body is always a great idea.

Religious chest tattoos

If you are a religious person then you should get tattooed with bible scriptures on the chest. One of the most popular designs is the praying hand’s tattoo.

You must be self-aware before getting a chest tattoo because many people do not understand their skin tone and choose tattoos that look confusing on their body.

If you believe in world peace and brotherhood then I guess you should try a peace tattoo design. Many guys opt for angel wings on their chest and I would advise them to opt for real looking angel wings tattoos. Honestly, geometrical shapes and symbols will not look meaningful on chest even if they are added with any other tattoo design. So avoid them as much as possible.