Top 5 Best-Selling Scented Candles

This article is about the top 5 best-selling scented candles. You will also get information on ingredients and the specific fragrance of the organic.

Everybody wants refreshing air inside your home! What would be better than making air calmer and soothing by using an organic scented candle? Organic scented candles are the natural way to purify your environment. Lynk Artisans, a Singaporean online natural organic seller, has all kinds of organic candles with and without scent. These candles are made from mainly palm wax and coconut oil.

Scented Candles:

Don't you think scents from organic candles are the best way to refresh your mind? The burning wick and melting candle spread the fragrance of natural ingredients around you.

Before looking for the best-scented candles, you must know the qualities that should come with in them.

1: Long Buring Life:

Soy and beeswax candles are the best types of candle out there. Paraffin not only burns out rapidly but also fills the room with black smoke. Organic candles have a longer burning life. 100gms of organic candle takes an average of 30 hours to burn. Don't you think it makes organic candles worth spending on?

2: Natural Ingredients:

Natural ingredients like lemongrass, lily of the valley, mango, orange, coconut, white peach, jasmine, and many more benefit your mental health. They don't have any side effects.

3: Clean Burning:

Opposite to paraffin candles, organic scented candles burn and leave clean air behind. These are good for a healthy and positive atmosphere.

4: Non-toxic:

Organic things are natural and pure. They don't have any harmful or toxic chemicals. The organic scented candle also spread non-toxic air, healthy for asthma patients.

Top 5 best selling scented candles:

Organic scented candles are the natural way to purify your environment.

Which scented candle you want to buy depends on your choice. Some like light scents, others with a spark of citrus. The organic scented candle defines your personality. If you are seeking the top best selling scented candles, we have the list so you can easily choose from:

1: Himalayan Bamboo Candle:

Himalayan Bamboo candles are our best-selling scented candle. You can check out the reviews for testimony. People like its soothing and natural scent.


There are different ingredients in different layers; the base of the candle is

  • Bamboo
  • Violet

The middle layer is

  • Cucumber
  • Green leaves

The upper line is made of

  • Grass
  • Bergamot
  • Lime

Scent quality:

As in Singapore, the living space of most HDB is not very big. These candles give calming effects  in such places. As the wick starts burning, you can feel yourself in the cool meadows.
2: White Tea Candles:

Can you imagine yourself surrounded by positive energy right in your room? White Tea candles bring that fragrance of joy to you. The essence of scent gives your mind freshness. This organic scented candle is the most favorite of customers.


Ingredients in different layers of the candle are:

Upper layer:

  • Bergamot
  • Mandarin

Middle layer:

  • Ginger
  • Thyme
  • Jasmine


  • Chrysanthemum
  • White Tea

Scent Quality:

In this world of chaos, who doesn't need positivity around? The scent uplifts your mood and thoughts. It gives you positive pointers for thinking. And what makes it better is that you take these positive vibes from just a 100 or 200gm candle. More than that, you can fill your friend's place with pleasant air by sending them a candle gift set of White Tea candles.

3: White Birch candle:

If you want to order an organic scented candle to harness the essence of pine gardens, the White Birch candle will be the best pick. Our customers love to lit their room with this candle. You can try it out too, to feel the pine scent.


Upper layer:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Mint

Middle layer:

  • Pine
  • Cyprus

Base layer:

  • Tonka bean

Scent quality:

The blend of cool mint, eucalyptus, Cyprus, Tonka bean, and pines yields a sophisticated scent. The clean-burning of the White Birch candle gives a warm effect around you. You and your companion will get addicted to its smell if you send it in a candle gift set.

4: Ginger-Lemon grass candle:

The reason to buy a ginger-lemon grass candle is evident from its name. The infused smell of ginger-lemon grass is enough to make it our best seller. You can order this candle and check out the coziness and warmth it brings to your room.


Upper layer:

  • Lemongrass

Middle layer:

  • Ginger

Base layer:

  • Amber
  • Saffron


This organic scented candle melts into warm and full of energy vibes. You will feel energetic after litting it. It will remind you of some old adventures, making you feel nostalgic.

5: White Sage and Lavender candle:

Do you want aromatherapy right on your couch in your room? You don't need to go to spas. Order online our best-selling white sage and lavender candle and you will forget the work of the spa. It is a good source of meditation.


Upper layer:

  • Lavender

Middle layer:

  • Sage
  • Camomile
  • Rosemary
  • Camphor

Base layer:

  • Cedarwoods
  • Whitewoods


With the most intriguing and dominant lavender scent, this organic scented candle brings peace to your home environment. The earthly scent will fill your room with positive energy, which affects your mental health and releases your stress.

Candle gift set:

These candles are also available with a glass doom top to give them a warm look. You can send them as a gift. You can also customize the candle gift set for your loved ones like your friend, mother, wife, or ever you want to.


An organic scented candle burns clean and spreads a positive and warm message in the air. It makes the whole of your room or living room fresh and welcoming for positivity. It is better to lit these candles in the morning to start your day with something calming. You will get addicted to these 5 top best selling scented candles. You can also send them in a candle gift set form. Click the link below to order your favorite organic scented candle or candle gift set.

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