Benefits of choosing an extended warranty for your mobile

mobile warranty


Smartphones are an integral part of one’s everyday life today, ensuring round the clock connectivity. The accessibility of social media, essential lifestyle applications and much more make these handsets irreplaceable. Thus, immediate repair or replacement is critical when such a device is damaged accidentally. 

Being costly devices, repairing them can also be similarly expensive. Owners thus need to check from time to time whether the concerned smartphone’s warranty is still valid. Owners with phones under warranty avail repair services without facing any financial burden as such a cost is borne by the warranty provider. Thus, you must check mobile warranty to ensure that your device is still covered.

How long does a typical smartphone warranty last?

In most cases, the manufacturer warranty lasts for a year from the date of a smartphone’s purchase. Beyond this period, owners need to pay out of their own pockets when going for a repair of any of the devices’ internal or external faults. Before heading to the store for repairs, ensure you check mobile warranty validity so that you know just how long your coverage will last.

Extended warranty is a specialised option through which phone users can extend coverage from one year as a standard period to longer durations. Such extensions are almost always recommended for customers who plan to use their existing devices for more than a year.

However, if you are a smartphone enthusiast, and you change your handset almost every year, an extended warranty will not benefit you. For instance, Apple device users can check iPhone warranty instead to verify that their device is covered for the first year of use.

What are the benefits of an extended warranty?

1. Extends the device’s coverage for an extra year or more
Depending on the company and phone you use, your warranty can be stretched to two years or more. Thus, if your handset suffers severe damage just after completing its first year of use, you can still leverage your extended warranty to acquire financial and other related benefits.
Once your extended warranty purchase is complete, ensure to check mobile warranty validity immediately to see whether the coverage period has been increased.

2. Enables users to seek help from the manufacturer
In most cases, phone manufacturing companies charge a hefty fee to repair a malfunctioning device after the user’s warranty runs out. With an extended warranty program, repairs for severe damages availed from such manufacturers should not cost extra though.
Nevertheless, make sure to check high-end devices’ warranty beforehand, such as check iPhone warranty, to ensure whether your extended warranty period is ending, and opt for a renewal accordingly.

3. Official repairs ensure quality
Often due to the high cost involved with repairing a smartphone from a manufacturer, users tend to undertake unofficial repairs through third-party providers. Doing so can not only compromise the quality of repairs but also subject your device to additional issues in the future.

On the other hand, representatives and staff from your phone’s company are more knowledgeable about its functionality. Thus, an extended warranty encourages users to seek repairs from official service providers and not third-party stores.

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Nevertheless, extended warranties for phones and other devices can be typically beneficial when it comes to the repair and replacement costs involved. Such a product can thus save you from unnecessary expenses when your handset undergoes damage.

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