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Scent Chemistry!!

Scent Chemistry!!


Hello guys! Hope you all are fine. So, what inference did you chalk out from the title?? What is the blog about…? Have you wondered?? Some of you might have got the right instincts. Yesss!! I am going to discuss the Perfumes (An accessory that everyone loves to have!).
Ok, then let's begin.


Basically, perfume is a mixture of essential oils or various aromatic compounds, fixatives, and solvents usually in liquid form that provides the particular scent.


Perfumery is the art of making perfumes and was started in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley Civilization, and possibly in ancient China and then spread to Rome and Arabs.
Moreover, these perfumes were made from extracts of plants, herbs, and spices like almonds, coriander, etc. as well as flowers.
Nowadays, perfumes are available in different flavors so, you can choose the fragrance that you like.


The sources from which the aroma is produced is called the aromatic sources. Different types of sources are available whose extracts can be used to produce different types of perfumes.

1. Plant sources: Some of them are: 

●    Barks: Commonly used are cinnamon, cascarilla.
●    Flowers and Blossoms: These are the largest and the most widely used part of the plant to make perfumes. Examples are Jasmine, Rose, etc.
●    Fruits: The most commonly used fruits for this flavor are citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes.
●    Leaves and twigs: Commonly used parts are Lavender leaves, sage, violets, rosemary, and citrus leaves.
●    Resins: Resins have been commonly used in incense and perfumery since ancient times.
●    Woods: The wood commonly used is sandalwood, rosewood, agarwood, birch, cedar, juniper, and pine.

2. Animal source: Some of the animal sources are discussed below:

●    Ambergris: It is not appropriate to confuse Ambergris with yellow amber, which is used in jewelry.
●    Castoreum: It is obtained from the odorous sacs of the North American Beaver.
●    Civet: It is obtained from the odorous sacs of the civet (an animal related to Mongoose).
●    Honeycomb: Both beeswax and honey can be used to produce an absolute perfume. 

3. Other natural sources: Lichens and seaweeds are sometimes used as essential oils in some of the perfumes. 

4. Synthetic Sources: Today, most perfumes use synthetic sources. These synthetic aromatic compounds are used in place of natural sources when such naturally occurring substances are not present in excess amounts. 


Perfumes are categorized into various types depending upon the concentration, intensity, and longevity of perfume present in the bottle. Basically, the following types of perfumes are available-
1)    Parfum (extrait de parfum or pure perfume) - 20-30% of fragrance concentration.
2)    Eau de parfum (EDP) - 15-20% of fragrance concentration.
3)    Eau de toilette (EDT) – 5-15% of fragrance concentration.
4)    Eau de cologne (EDC) – 2-4% of fragrance concentration.
5)    Eau Fraiche – 1-3% of fragrance concentration.


Thus, it is a brief description of perfumes, their history as well as their types. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. If you have any suggestions or comments, do share them in the comment section.
Thanks for giving your precious time to this blog.

How To Register A Trademark For Business Name Legally?

How To Register A Trademark For Business Name Legally?


Once the new business is starting out, the very next step for the business is usually to create a company name with the original intention in mind. The company name shows how you talk about your company and describe it. More importantly, your potential customers will recognize you first if you get a prominent and an easy-to-remember name. The company name is the cornerstone of the brand and identity of the target audience you want to reach. It is very likely that you will work hard to establish the brand in terms of product or service quality. Therefore, it is very important to operate and protect brand value by registering the company name as a trademark.
It is also important to keep in mind that your brand is very valuable to your business. Your trademark means protecting your reputation and business reputation as a service provider and company. Your company is different from other companies, even if they sell the same products. The meaning of this difference lies in your brand. What you need to do is to stand out from the crowd and let customers choose you. This is why protecting yourself with a trademark is so important, so that the consumers don’t get lost and buy products from some another brand thinking it is you.

Why Are Trademarks and Copyrights So Important?

If you have already created a website for your business, the next step is to get a name and a logo for your company. At this time, you will need to register a trademark and copyright, as this will protect your logo and name from violation. You need to ensure that you are protecting your intellectual property rights and that your creativity and logo have not been stolen by another company. This is the basic idea behind trademarks and copyright.
Copyright and trademarks are a great way to protect your original ideas from being used by others. Undoubtedly, this is the most important benefit they provide you. Whenever you use your trademark to identify the source of a product or service in business, people will identify your company here. It is a valuable commodity and a very operative communication tool that can immediately convey your corporate image and the services or products you provide to customers.

How to Apply for a Trademark Legally

Before filing trademark registration for a name of your company, please research the trademark to ensure that no one else is using a similar trademark. You can do this with a tool called TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System), which can be found on the official website of the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Performing a trademark search in the TESS database is crucial because it helps to identify potential conflicts with another company’s current or pending trademarks. This is also important because it will save you money spent on admissions applications. The application is very similar to an existing trademark and may be rejected. Please note that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will not seek conflicting trademarks before submitting your application.

The Review Period

After submitting your request, the USPTO attorney takes some time before responding to your request, assessing its completeness and investigating potential conflicts. The lawyer can then make a formal request to explain the reason for the rejection, or agree to publish the trademark registration in the official gazette. Similarly, the TARR database can be used to track the progress of your own trademark application. Generally, registering a trademark or service mark is long and a complex task, and it may take six months to several years. Be patient, careful and responsive at every step to minimize unnecessary delays.


Registering a trademark of your company name is an important step in developing your business. It’s more than just a conventionalism – it fortifies your sole claim to the success you’re trying to attain. It is also important to remember that applying for trademark registration is a legal process governed by US law. Before getting into this complex situation, you can hire a trademark attorney to assist you. The whole process may take several months to a year.

10 Indian Snow-Treks For Your Life's Best Trekking

10 Indian Snow-Treks For Your Life's Best Trekking


In winter the Himalayan mountain trails are transformed into a wonderful land covered by the white ice sheet. The hiking trails of the strong Indian Himalayas in these snowy paths are a fantasy for many adventure hobbyists. For both short and long walks, they draw all sorts of trekkers and thrill-seekers to enjoy the beauty of the summer. Crossing the frozen river forests and enjoying the most stunning views of the snow sky, are just the fundamental things that the Snow Treks in India deliver.

Here, we have included the top snow trails that mix the fun and the excitement to add more destinations to both the beginners and the seasoned walkers.

1. Nag Tibba Trek, Uttarakhand

In Garhwal, in the Uttarakhand area, near Mussoorie, Nag Tibba is located at 9915 ft above sea level. Set in the lower Himalayas, trekking people donâ€TMt have to worry about height sickness and for beginners and children, it's fast. The journey takes up to two days, making it ideal for a weekend and attracting adventure lovers from all over the country and abroad. This hike takes you to the Oak and Rhododendron trees after a rough start and for a few hours on a trail. Nag Tibba Winter Treks welcomes you all with a lovely snow cover.

2. Kedarkantha Trek. Uttarakhand

Kedarkantha trek is one of the best climbs for beginners. Happy with heavy snowfall in winter, it becomes heavenly and you can only see the tops of a dense layer of snow. For amateurs, it's an excellent destination to experience snow trekking and to immerse nature enthusiasts in unspoiled beauty. Situated at an altitude of 12,500 ft, the trail is approximately 20 km away with panoramic views over the pine trees from the snow. Although it is very simple it requires basic fitness because you have to hold your backpack and climb into slender air.

3. Chopta, Tungnath and Chandrashila Trek, Uttarakhand

Chandrashila Snow Trek to Chopta provides stunning views of several mountains such as Nanda Devi, Trishul, Chaukhamba, and Kedar. This is the perfect way to get ready for potential challenges. Snow trekking adventures start On this trek you can see attractions such as Deoria Taal, the breathtaking Chopta Valley shrouded by snow, one of the tallest temples devoted to Lord Shiva, and at the end of the Snow Trek.

4. Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand

You'll see a beautiful view of the Himalayas on the Dayara Bugyal Trek. Dayara Bugyal's best time for an ultimate adventure is between December and March. Everything from the trails, the peaks, and everything that is visible in the winter is under the dazzling white snow. It is located at 12,303 ft above sea level and is considered one of India's incredible alpine meadows.

5. Kuari Pass Trek, Uttarakhand

The Kuari Pass Trek is a perfect occasion for explorers to feel the mental blow of the Grand Himalayas. Kauri top is ideal for beginners at an elevation of 13,990 ft. Trails pass through the woods of Oak and Rhododendron and get thick again as you continue, creating various ecosystems and a mindblowing experience.

6. Brahmatal, Uttarakhand

During the trek, Brahmatal provides different geography. Starting with a few days of walking through the old forests of Oaks and Rhododendrons, along with a panorama of splendid mountain ranges and many visible path tracks. At each turn of the hike, panoramic views are evident from various angles. Also known for its great campsites near the frozen Bekaltal and the Brahmatal is Snow Trek to Brahmatal.

7. Har ki Dun Trek, Uttarakhand

Har ki dun trek takes you in time when you visit the cradle-shaped valley in the heart of Govan Ballabh Pant national park. The breathtaking, untouched valley offers many excursions. The area is a wonderland of winter and a sanctuary for walkers. You travel through ancient settlements over 3000 years old as you trek through the enchanting Alpine wilderness and pine forest. You can also discover the culture and lifestyle of the local people in the valley, along with adventure.

8. Goechala and Dzongri Trek, Sikkim

Goechala Trek stands at 15,100 ft on Goecha La with a great view of the great mountains. The trek overlooks Kanchenjunga's huge structure and the other 14 major peaks, centered on the state of Sikkim. You will never forget the experience of sunrise and sunset seeing the snow-covered Grand Himalayas. You can also see the tear-shaped Goecha Lake (The Samiti Lake), 16 splendid peaks from the top of Dzongry, walking through the stunning alpine forests. You can see unprecedented wildflowers, lush oak groves, and dense rhododendron trees.

9. Sandakphu Trek, Nepal

The trek at this highest point on the border of two nations, which is situated on the border of West Bengal in India and in Mechi in Nepal, provides an impressive view of the highest sports lines in the world. The whole range of Everest with the fourth and fifth highest peaks (Lhotse and Makalu) is seen from the Sandakhu peak on the left, and above all else, there is of course Mount Everest. Kanchenjunga and other mountains are seen on the right side of Sandakphu, a stunning view of the third-highest peak in the world.

10. Chadar Trek, Ladakh

Chadar Trek provides the exclusive Himalayan trekking experience in India. Walking on the frozen Zanskar River checks your health and willpower at the top of the trekking list of adrenaline junkies. The trek begins when the river Zanskar starts freezing and it is February that is the chosen time. You will meet locals who are close to the camps and learn more about their difficult way of working and living in one of the most populated regions in the world during the walk from Chilling village.

5 Advantages of Blogging for Marketing

5 Advantages of Blogging for Marketing


No matter what type of small business you have, blog article writing is extremely important for many reasons. This is an important component in your marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to your website.
Today, there are 600+ million blogs out of over 1.7 billion websites. This week, I am going to share some of the benefits of blogging for marketing and the components of an effective blog post so you can join them!

So first, let's look at the 5 benefits of blogging for marketing:

1. Your blog drives traffic to your website.
Whether you use SEO to help people find your blog, promote it in paid advertisements, or post it on social media, all roads return to your website. The more relevant and search-engine-optimized blogs you share with the world, the more traffic will come to you.
And once your data shows you what type of content are performing best, you can start writing several posts related to the most popular topics.

2. Blogging boosts your search engine ranking.
Search engines are always looking for fresh and relevant content. By writing a blog, you are cheaply creating new content for the search engine's index.
You need to start by doing your research to find relevant high-clause, low-competition keywords to include in your articles. But you don't want to let your writing focus on the search engines and stuff it full of keywords to find — it will actually have the opposite effect.
A professional SEO company can help you create a blog with the right amount of keywords. Also, read how to get higher blog post rankings using SEO Yoast on our website.

3. Valuable content can increase sales
When you share content that adds value to the lives of your readers, they are more likely to buy something from you. Instead of simply bringing traffic from your paid advertisements or social media to a website full of links, you can direct people to blog posts that complement your product or service.
A well-written copy provides the perfect opportunity to educate and inspire people, who now understand better what you are offering.

4. Blogs build trust among your target audience.
Blogging lets you connect with website visitors and customers in an authentic way. If you consistently deliver high-quality content to your target audience, you will be seen as an authority in your industry.
However people's trust cannot be achieved. Exceed a dozen articles in a few weeks, anticipating a huge increase in reader sales and sales. Be patient and be genuine for best results.

5. Your social media presence can benefit.
One main advantage of blogging for marketing is that it easily supports your social media efforts.
When you share on social media, people who see and like your content may be tempted to share it with their followers, increasing traffic to your website and increasing awareness of your brand is.
Secondly, you have the opportunity to interact with followers who comment on your posts, which helps to build trust and brand loyalty.

Components of an effective blog post

Now that we have established the importance of blogs to increase engagement, let's look at the components of an effective blog post:

1. A compelling title: What are you looking for if you are looking for a solution to your problem? For example, the title of this article is "The importance of blogs to increase engagement." Would you like to read it if it is "Why Writing a Blog is Important"? It is less likely.

2. Directive Subheads: This is especially useful for long blogs. Subheads break down your content and guide your reader to the next step. For example, the section you are now reading is "components of an effective blog post", which tells you exactly what to expect.

3. Well-researched, value-added content: The meat of your article is the one that people will pay the most attention to. Back up what you are saying with data or research from industry leaders to make it more reliable.
•    Give your readers real-world examples of how your product or service will enhance their life, not just a list of features.
•    Engagement-based email marketing relates to the way your customers interact with your eNewsletter. Once they open it, you still have to wow them with your content.
•    An article can be a great tool for engagement based email marketing. You can either place the entire article in the body of the newspaper or place the first few paragraphs of the article in the newspaper and then link back to your blog.

4. A strong call to action: Often referred to as a CTA, a call to action is a button, image, or text link that directs the user to the next step in their website experience. (In SEO terms, these steps make up the conversion funnel.)
Without CTA, the user has no idea where to go next, and you risk losing them to another website / competitor. So what are you trying to do to your potential customer? One of the main components of an effective blog post is helping people know what to buy now, learn more, download an ebook, and more.

5. Visually appealing graphics: Using visuals that match your brand can be incredibly appealing. There are many benefits to using imagination:
•    They help build an emotional connection with the readers.
•    Many people are visual learners, so pictures help tell your story in the most effective way.
•    Posts with relevant images perform better in search engines.
Blogs with images gain more engagement than those without images. For example, Facebook posts with photos receive an average 37% increase in engagement.

6. Good Meta Description: Basically, Meta descriptions provide a description of the content of your posts within search engines.
So as someone is deciding which search engine result to click, which do you think they will take? A creative, customized Meta description that encourages them to learn more, or a Meta description generated by a, often irrelevant, content platform (such as WordPress) that you use?
Blogging has many benefits for marketing. Never underestimate the importance of a blog to increase engagement.
If you take the time to understand your target audience, research your keywords and topic, write engaging copy and promote it on social media, it will be worth it.
In fact, you may find that your blog is the most powerful marketing tool!

Author Bio

Tech Guru SEO is a leading digital marketing agency that focuses on growing your business successfully with online marketing services. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, we can help you design an Internet marketing campaign that can help you reach your goals. Tech Guru SEO is a full-service web marketing firm, which means we offer everything from SEO to conversion analysis.

The complete analysis of the neuromodulation devices market

The complete analysis of the neuromodulation devices market


The neuromodulation devices market always helps in making sure that the organisations will be availing the top-notch quality advantages very easily. This particular market is expected to touch the US$4.4 billion in the coming years with the compounded annual growth rate of more than 7%. There are different kinds of companies which are contributing their best parts to this particular industry so that they can enjoy a competitive share with the help of accurate forecasts. Following are some of the very basic data sets included in the global neuromodulation devices market report:
1.    It will have a clear-cut idea about the unit sales, average selling prices along with various kinds of growth providing trends.
2.    It will have a clear-cut indication of the procedure volumes of the neuromodulation industry.
3.    There will be proper availability of the market forecasts until 2026 so that concerned key players can make highly informed data-driven decisions.
4.    The report also provides competitive analysis with every key player having its market share for every segment so that other people can have a clear-cut idea about the competitive landscape.
5.    The report provides an idea about the mergers and acquisitions, market drivers, overviews of the diseases along with the demographic information.
6.    The report will also include the company profiles, SWOT analysis, product portfolios and the top competitors of the old industry.

The key insights about this particular report are mentioned as follows:

1.    The elderly patients will be very much prone to issues like chronic pain and several other kinds of conditions which can only be treated with the help of neuromodulation therapies.
2.    The growing geriatric population in nations like India is also a major driver in this particular market because approximately more than 2 billion people will be more than 60 years and above by the year 2050.
3.    The growing cases of the global diabetic’s epidemic are also expected to provide a great growth opportunity to this particular market which is the main reason that adopting western diet and several other kinds of lifestyle is directly linked with all these kinds of things.
4.    Many people are also suffering from problems like epilepsy which is one of the most common or logical diseases globally which is the main reason that having an idea about all these kinds of things is very important in this particular industry.
5.    The neuromodulation therapy is considered to be the second-line treatment because of the upfront cost associated with it which could be a factor that could restrict the growth but the results of this particular therapy or top-notch.
 The regional analysis of the whole market also includes having an idea about the areas like Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, North America, Western Europe and several other kinds of areas so that the concerned people can have proper access to the deep analysis of the whole market which will further allow them to have an idea about the competitive landscape and make highly informed decisions all the time. Hence, SCS market analysis always helps in providing the key players with various kinds of advantages in the long run.

10 Best Treks To Explore Himalayans

10 Best Treks To Explore Himalayans


The Himalayas have the highest peaks in the world, ranging from India, Bhutan, and Nepal to Pakistan and China. Though Everest is the main leader, several peaks are remarkable and exceptional, exist in the region alone, and are impossible to replicate, particularly when it comes to the Pamir, the Hindu Kush, and the Karakoram mountain ranges in the west of the Indies.

We are blessed to be born in this glorious land. We all wanted to walk the Himalayas at some stage in our life. Some of us knew this and some of us still ponder it. Anyway, the Himalayan lists are not comprehensive, there is always more to learn and more peaks to walk. The purpose of this article is to answer some of the questions you may have about trekking in the Himalayas.

Indian Himalayan Trekking

1. Chadar Trek

Chadar's experience can be summarised in a phrase, surreal, but the trek is full of its own elements. It's not just the hybrid scenery, the temperature of the mind, or the spiraling walk that is so fascinating, but what is fascinating for most Trekkers is the simplicity of the people of Zanskari and their adaptability to their hard tasks. With regard to route history, it allows for a bridge to the other side and to collect supplies for the coming months easy for the people to use the ice forming during the winter on the Zanskar river.

2. Har Ki Dun

Har Ki Dun is enjoyment for hikers both in the summer and winter who went to the Himalayas. It provides a breathtaking view over snow-capped mountains, dominated by Swargarohini, enhanced by a wide range of flora and fauna. There are many trees, birds, plants, and more on the trek from Sankri to Osla. On the way, you can see many animals, including parakeets, plants, etc..., the Govind Wild Life Sanctuary. The trek is unforgivable because there are many amazing campsites. Perhaps one of the most stunning sunrises you will ever see is the sight of sunrise.

3. Kashmir Great Lakes

There are seven magnificent high-altitude trekkings along the Great Lakes Trek, also known by the tag of "The Prettiest Trek in India" It really is a lovely place for beauty and a wonderful adventure. You will be exposed to a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding villages along with the Maple trees that include the village of Sonamarg, downhill. Gadsarm, Krishnasar, Gangabal, and Vishansar are some of the magnificent reservoirs. These lakes have a mythological history named after gods and fascinating tales.

4. Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is an integrated package of high and dark pine trees, glacier valleys, river campsites, and more. The path consists of more than 40 sharp bends with picturesque views of the Kullu Valley and Manali. Afterward, there are short walks through the pine trees. The vision and sound of the rivers fill the air, which runs vertically next to the rocks and gives the mountains a sculptured appearance.

5. Valley of Flowers

A vivid and magnificent national park with many full-bloomed beds, charming meadows of alpine flowers, as its name implies. Located in the state of Uttarakhand in North Chamoli, it is regarded as a legendary trek around the world. It starts in Haridwar Holy City and continues along the Pushpavati River.

6. Brahmatal

In its deep and shade forest of oaks, rhododendrons, snowy wetlands, and the campsite along the shores of the lake the enchantment of Brahmatal. The Roopkund Trek from Brahmatal can be seen several times, with its astonishing view of Ali Bugyal, Bedni Bugyal & Junargali. Walkthrough coniferous, cedar, oak, and spruce forests as far as possible. If we didn't talk about the lakeside campground experience, you could only sleep on the softer flasks of snow if you were visited in winter. We'd not do justice to the trek.

7. Goechala trek

The Goechela Trek, another gem from the east of Kanchenjunga, is an absolute classic soaking into Sikkim's culture and spirit. You can simply visit Goechela for her striking sunsets and sunrises if you are interested in inspiration. It is also distinguished by a beautiful orchard and a large flora and fauna array. Don't skip the fluttering flags of prayer that make the whole experience a wonderful cultural element.

8. Rupin Pass

Himalayan Trekking in India involves different styles of trekking. Rupin Pass is a high-altitude trek that has been seen as a high-end adventure of its kind. Besides the high altitude of the hiking routes, the varied sceneries and surprise variations on the trails are generally attractive. You can find all sorts of terrain from snowy to rugged terrain, bridges over lakes, grassy wetlands, and even rough mountains. If you intend to try this trek, make sure you have enough strength and fitness to do it.

9. Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake trek is a short stroll, a great match for your long weekends, of all hikes in the Himalayas. It passes through a dense pine forest in the Dhauladhar Valley and overlooks the snowy mountains. Prashar is still a bit of a Himalayan mystery, not popular for many of them praising a fabulous sunrise on the Himalayas. Prashar Rishi, who was then considered to meditate, still kept the lake holy.

10. Kareri Lake Trek

The Kareri Lake trek is one of the best Himalayan Treks to turn from one-man-life to a more natural setting in Kangra, in the District of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The Trek Kareri is created from the Minkiani peak by the flow of waters. The trek to the lake will leave you awestruck, surrounded by mountains, alpine trees, lush woods, narrow grounds, and scenic meadows. The woods here are a mixture of pines and shrubs that serve for some exclusive birds as a perfect covering. If you hit the summit, feel the lake's fascinating attraction. In the winter it stays frozen and it serves as the main attraction of this walk.

Celebrity shoutouts - The new age brand Promotion

Celebrity shoutouts - The new age brand Promotion


As we all know about the influence of celebrities on the audience. There are so many reasons for this. The celebs are so successful in creating a deep impression on the consumers and therefore, they are highly in demand. We are going to discuss this in the blog.

Before this, just take a few moments to think over the term ‘celebrity shoutout. Do you have any basic idea about it or can you make a rough picture of this on your mind?

If you can’t, then also you don’t need to worry. In this article, the term is going to be neatly explained.

What is a celebrity shoutout?

Well, it is a very common term nowadays. You are going to find this in many places. Celebrity shoutout is when celebrities recognize someone by their name. It is very common nowadays as celebrities are making short personalized videos for people on their special occasions, post for them on any social media handle, and something like these.

These celebrity shoutout videos are becoming very popular as a great gifting option also. If someone very close to you is leaving distant, then you can simply make their day through this. Celefi is a website working on this. From here, you can get celebrity shoutout as a personalized message, brand promotion videos, and many more.

Enough description of celebrity shoutout, now it’s time to discuss the importance of celebs in brand promotion.

Why do companies hire celebrities to promote their brands?

Celebrities, not only in India but throughout the world, are popular for a very long time in advertisements. We can see the importance of celebrities everywhere. They are VIPs in other words. There is a great demand for celebrity endorsement in advertising.

People in general, get connected to someone with whom they feel familiar. Watching celebrities in TV shows, news, magazines, reading about them everywhere, hearing about their statements, controversies, etc., are all making us get inclined in knowing them more.

The human mind works in a way that if someone is advertising in front of us, and we feel like we know them, then it is going to be much more impactful than the person about whom we know nothing.

Celebrities, known for their convincing power, and also for their influencing power, are therefore the top choice of any company. It is the reason for hiring celebrities for brand promotion.

Now it depends on you to think over “Are celebrity brand promotions worth it ?”

If you get an idea over this, then think about it in a different dimension. It can be something like “do celebrities increase sales?”

Moving ahead, we are going to discuss more the way to approach these celebrities for brand promotions.

How celebrity shoutout is playing an important role in brand promotion?

We can see everywhere that a short video clip is getting huger in demand. People want to see videos with enough relevant content that will explain to them about everything they want. Some of the popular examples are Instagram reels, Instagram stories, YouTube shorts, short videos on Facebook, TikTok, and many more.

Celebrity shoutout videos are just like that. The celebs are going to explain everything to the audience in just a very short span of time, mentioning only the relevant details. People are going to like this approach as they are not watching any irrelevant blah, blah of someone. Due to this reason, celebrity shoutout is getting popular in this new era brand promotion agency.

How do you ask a celebrity to promote your brand?

Approaching celebs is like climbing mountains. It is very difficult. We all know this well that celebs rarely get time out from their hectic schedule. Even there will be a lot of arrangements for a celebrity if someone will ask for a single meeting. They stay busy in their shoots, pictures, events, podcasts, and many more.

If you are a company that wants to take part in this buzz, celebrity marketing, then you need to have a lot of patience and time. It is going to be a time-consuming task, even the final outcome is not necessarily going to be on your side. So, you need to make a plan for this before diving into celebrity endorsement.

However, if you want your brand promotion or branding and advertising of your company to go on the right way, then you can also refer to different marketing campaigns that will work for you.

Moving further, let us continue with the discussion of approaching the celebs. So the first step will be to arrange a meeting with them. The meeting needs to be short and crisp where you can explain to them about your expectations with them, along with explaining to them about your company, its values, and how it works.

To arrange the meeting, you need to have a link with their managers. Find a channel to first convince the manager for setting up a meeting. Next, after the meeting is over, and you are successful in creating your first impression over the celeb, they also don’t sit casually as you never know what will happen. Their mind might change after a certain time but if you are lucky enough, then your company will also get a VIP for endorsement.

The other option is going to be a simple one. Celefi, a celebrity shoutout, and Top Brand promotion companies in India, where you are going to get a huge list of celebrities to choose from. From here, you are going to get a win-win situation for Top branding by celebrity. It is so pocket-friendly that even startups can take it into consideration. Visit the site and later depends on you.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Cooking Skills

Easy Ways To Improve Your Cooking Skills


With eating out now rapidly becoming the current craze, there is rapid growth in the food and beverage industry. The market is such that the industry is opening up new employment options for today's professionals every day. A Diploma in Culinary Arts may be highly useful for gaining a job in the sector in this case.
Culinary Arts courses are offered in India using the measurements of UG, PG and Diploma. An undergraduate or postgraduate program or a diploma in culinary arts in Delhi can be earned by interested applicants.
In this article will give you some basic but important tips that will help you on your way to culinary success in the kitchen if you are looking for specific ways to develop your cooking skills.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Cooking

1. Move to kosher or sea salt

The taste of Kosher salt and sea salt is much stronger than that of traditional sodium chloride. Although the food shouldn't taste salty, go on the other side and cook with little or no salt. It tends to result in food that makes it taste bland, and if a recipe is to be used with a quantity of salt, the ingredients and taste may be too different from those of the recipe writer to require change.

2. Splash of Acid

At the very last minute, adding a final drop of acid (vinegar or citrus juice) to nearly any vegetable or meat dish or fruit dessert to improve the taste.

3. Reduce liquids to concentrate flavor

Take the main ingredient out when it's finished and reduce the sauce a little further before serving whether you've braised meat or vegetables. Make sure to reduce the additional liquid as you deglaze a pan by heating it over high heat. Reduce homemade inventories prior to use, too

4. Equip yourself with the right tools

You will be impressed to find out how much your cooking skills can improve with the right equipment. So quit managed to access on those onions with a blunt knife and invest in some high-quality kitchen tools, as it not only saves you a lot of time (and tears), but it will make a massive difference to your culinary abilities.

5. Get to know your ingredients

It's a good idea to consider how the ingredients would respond as they are exposed to various cooking methods, such as steaming, heating, roasting and baking, so that you can change your recipe accordingly.
Using new, high-quality ingredients is also good idea, as they will bring more flavor to your dishes, which will raise both your palate and your ego!

6. Learn basic techniques

Understanding the fundamental principles of cooking is key to success in the kitchen, so when a recipe asks you to sauté or braise an ingredient, a lack of experience would not jeopardize your chances of making a culinary gem!
The ideal approach to practice these specific skills is to take Culinary Skills short course where you can learn basics such as knife skills, poaching and stock planning under the instruction of expert Chefs. Also, the most skilled chefs who take this course are astonished to learn that they've been doing something wrong all this while, or that there's a better and more effective way to do it!

7. Just practice more and more

Not even our renowned master chefs have automatically perfected their culinary ability. In order to achieve something worth mastering, it takes a lot and a lot of practice, so just keep going and you can begin to see some incremental progress.

8. Chop everything in the same proportion

Knife skills are a major thing that people aspire to master, but while the emphasis can be on fancy cuts or pace, being able to cut anything to the same size accurately is the true mark of strong knife skills. It can get you further than being able to dice an onion in 30 seconds by learning accuracy and evenness in your knife skills.

9. Learn to Balance Flavors

If you have ever noticed yourself disappointed with a meal that is too sweet or too spicy, but doesn't know how to remedy it, it can be your ace in the hole to learn how to blend flavors. Balancing a dish requires deciding what will change when a particular taste overwhelms the recipe.

10. Learn Garnishing

Appearances are not everything, but in the kitchen, they do count for something. Training to plate your dishes properly encourages your culinary inventions to shine and offers you a nice technique at your next diner to wow your friends.

Join the Institute of Bakery & Culinary Arts

IBCA- BAKERY & CULINARY ARTS INSTITUTE is a network that contract involves all your advanced Pastry & Culinary courses, allowing you to experience all the recipes of renowned IBCA chefs, in a step-by-step organized way.


Here we mention some courses for your potential academic goals offered by IBCA.


•    Advanced Diploma with Certification recognized from City and Guilds UK Level 3 (18 Months)
•    Diploma Professional Culinary Program recognized from City and Guilds UK Level 2 (12 Months)
•    Advance Diploma Professional Course with accreditation from Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) and National Skill Development Corporation (6 Months)
•    Certificate In Home Professional Cooking in Culinary (3 Months)

IBCA, the Best Culinary Schools in India is now providing advanced level programs to the best cooking courses for beginners in Delhi that will make you become such a world's best chef to develop your current cooking skills so that you can cook great specialized meals for your customers who make unique items. They have the appropriate equipment, top experts, and methodologies for hands-on instruction.


While selecting a culinary school, be assured that if you plan to change direction, you get a grounding of all the culinary skills required to excel in the industry and skills you will take with you.
A good cooking school will teach you techniques in the kitchen, you all about how different flavors meld together and what properties different fats will give a dish. But it’s not all fancy lessons that make you a better cook. There are some simple techniques and tactics you can adopt to take your cooking skills to the next level. 

If you would like to learn more about our programs, you may visit to the website and contact them- www.chefibpa.com

Best Laptop For Streaming

Best Laptop For Streaming


Streaming on the web is simple; however, choosing the best PC one ought to do the work is somewhat precarious. Dissimilar to a computer programmer, an online decoration needs to associate equipment like a mic, camera, and tuner when required.
Let be it gaming on a live visit with a camera; top-notch equipment is the best approach for an excellent encounter.
The best laptop for streaming is ending up being an expert profession choice for some. Numerous individuals pick this to handle different parts of where, how, and when one can work, giving the client unlimited opportunity. A large portion of them favours utilizing Windows-fueled machines or macOS based journals that are slim and lightweight.

A devotee gamer, instructor, or even an individual mentor can get into a meeting with merely the web and a decent PC. Live real-time requires a high-velocity web with dependable transfer speeds. The PC you're utilizing for it ought likewise to have the option to deal with various applications always.


In the wake of exploring the best PC for streaming, we've discovered a ton of choices accessible on the lookout, from which are screened out —
the accompanying rundown of best workstations with high, reasonable and low-level innovation with various cost and particular reaches, which will make it simpler for you to choose to purchase the specific item

Why you ought to put assets into a decent quality PC for streaming?

The PC is the fundamental gadget to do streaming, not like different extras mic, camera, or commotion retraction earphones. Little perks are likewise supplanted sooner, not at all like workstations utilized for 3-7 years.
One ought to put resources into a top-notch PC that permits one to zero in on making drawing in substance without getting irritated by senseless sounds and lulls.

Suggested Hardware Configuration for Streaming Laptop:

•         RAM: 16GB (least)
•         Graphics Card: (2GB Minimum)
•         Screen: 15 inches or more except if you are an explorer.
•         USB Ports: Very Necessary (Minimum 2 ports, 4 would be magnificent)
Best laptop for streaming begins from the assortment of information at that point, sending the information to the encoder. Afterwards, soon after encoding is done, it is compacted and shipped off the video player. So this article gives a rundown of the Best workstations for live real-time on YouTube and different stages.
There is a broad scope of decisions made by picking the best  laptop for streaming. However, how we make it short and simple for you, the PC should utilize the most recent innovation just as the old severe and viable machines.

Shouldn't something be said about the camera on the PC?

A camera is needed for internet real-time/video calling; however, makers don't utilize them more often than not. If you can manage a streaming camera's cost, consider getting one since you can't merely contrast a PC camera and a DSLR.

Having discussed basic setup and highlights, we should jump down in the rundown of best workstations for laptop streaming and become more acquainted with them.

Much of the time, Asked Questions.

Would I be able to live stream utilizing a PC?

Indeed, live gushing on a laptop is conceivable, and it very well may be done even on a section level laptop. Be that as it may, one may have to have a great laptop to gave gaming-related live streams.

Would one be able to live stream utilizing a MacBook?

Both MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air can be utilized for laptop streaming, and even a portion of the laptop streaming applications are additionally accessible for nothing.

Would one be able to live stream with the stock web camera?

The more significant part of the workstations accompanies a 720p low-goal web-camera. Hypothetically, it is conceivable to live stream utilizing the stock web camera. Nonetheless, if you need high-goal streaming, you may need to use an outside webcam with a higher goal.

Is streaming beneficial?

Indeed, individuals make a massive load of cash utilizing streaming. Some sum comes from ads and some from brand supports.

The amount of RAM should a PC utilized for streaming have?

Ensure that it has at any rate 4GB RAM, even though we prescribe at any rate 8GB to be on the more secure side.

Should a streaming PC have a dedicated GPU?

On the off chance that you want to live stream a game, it ought to have a committed GPU.

Should a streaming PC has a contact screen uphold?

It is smarter to get a PC with a contact screen uphold. Be that as it may, one can likewise stream on a non-contact screen PC with no issue.


Laptop streaming is currently decent and calling and dissimilar to any call; it likewise needs great hardware to expand the interaction's productivity. The rundown of the workstations that we have curated will fill this need, and we have guaranteed to incorporate various models with various equipment details.

On the off risk that you are an expert decoration or needing to be one, you can consider one of these models, and they are ensured to last more and fill their need with no issue. We trust that these workstations will assist you in improving your streaming proficiency.


Considering the above snippets of data and examination, we've discovered that the market has an assortment of Laptops(having various stars and cons).

Each PC has its seriousness and worth; what you need to do is take a gander at your requirements, which is the "Best laptop for Streaming." It requires a fantastic execution of processor; Intel gives ultra-similarity in workstations as indicated by their age arrangement and value ranges.

The contender is AMD which can be accessed quickly, yet more will be more force devouring. The other factor is Ram, Storage, and GPU, on the off chance that you need to have a top of the line handling unit the best assortment is in the above-recorded laptop with determinations and upsides and downsides of each. Their costs range has high-to-low choices; you can choose it as per your spending range.

Remember consistently purchase a laptop for yourself, which can perform well and have a long life for ideal execution; rehash the above article as it will give you a good vision. The illustrations execution and Ram for quick preparing are critical to deal with sufficient memory for the streaming look.

The screen goal may change your degree of speculation, for illustrations show through on the screen; these are accessible from 720p, 1080p, and 4K goals in a recorded laptop.

At long last, you have eight recorded workstations above for streaming; you can pick genuinely outstanding and can satisfy your necessities.

Jobs and Careers After Pursuing MIM in Canada

Jobs and Careers After Pursuing MIM in Canada


MIM has already made a special place in the field of higher education and career. Students from different corners of the world want to pursue the MIM course to gain leadership qualities and effective management skills. After completing the bachelor’s degree, mostly in the commerce department, students must choose MIM for pursuing their master’s course.
MIM is generally a two-year master’s program for students who graduated from marketing, accounts, or finance backgrounds. Students who want to gain specialization in their specific fields mentioned above chose to pursue MIM from topmost and renowned institutions that value globally.
For candidates who want to enhance their knowledge in different fields of management and leadership, MIM would be the best post-graduation choice to explore. Various universities from various countries offer master’s courses in management throughout the world. However, we would like to help you to get the best place for pursuing your MIM.
Canada is one of the popular countries that offers the best educational features, quality courses, and career opportunities for students pursuing a master’s degree there. Here, in this article, we have helped you to decide the best career and job opportunities after pursuing MIM in Canada.
Before proceeding with the article, we would like you to know all the benefits of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Management (MIM). Pursuing MIM offers global alignment and asks for less or no experience. MIM offers practical knowledge also, along with the theoretical knowledge offered by the universities. Most importantly, MIM offers several jobs and career growth opportunities for students.

Reasons for Opting Canada for MIM

Now, this is the most common thing that every individual is aware of. Canada is a developed country that offers the best educational system in the world. However, to know the best reasons for selecting Canada, read the points that are mentioned below:
•    Canadian Institutes offer the best educational features along with expert faculties and supporting staff.
•    Helps in gaining practical knowledge along with theoretical and bookish knowledge.
•    Canada is affordable for international students, as the cost of living is generally low.
•    Institutes of Canada create a student-friendly environment.
•    Students who are willing to reside in Canada for jobs or those who plan to settle down in Canada have the perks of getting a visa through the easy process.
Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, Canada is the safest country with low crime rates. So, students from different countries feel safe to shift there. Moreover, Canada being a stunning destination with its beautiful culture attracts the students more towards it. Students do not feel any language barriers, neither they feel unwanted or odd there.

MIM in Canada: Eligibility and Top Universities

Pursuing MIM in Canada will definitely help you to seek great advantages in your life. Students who are willing to join MIM in Canada can read the eligibility criteria mentioned below. Not only, the eligibility criteria, but we have also mentioned the top universities and business schools that offer MIM in Canada.

Eligibility for MIM in Canada

Students thinking to pursue MIM in Canada need to clear the eligibility criteria first. Generally, students after completing their graduation or post-graduation courses continue with the MIM course just to gain skills and advance knowledge in management. MIM acts as an alternative course for students who do not want to pursue an MBA.  Students should come under the below criteria to join MIM in Canada:
1.    The candidate must have completed their graduation from any authorized university.
2.    The candidate’s age must be 23 years or above.
3.    Candidate’s academic records, language proficiency, and little work experience are required.   

Top Universities for MIM in Canada

Candidates who are interested in pursuing MIM in Canada can try for these top business schools mentioned below: 

•    University of Calgary
•    Wilfrid Laurier University
•    University of Manitoba
•    University of British Columbia
•    McGill University
•    University of Victoria
•    University of Toronto
•    York University
•    Western University

All the above-mentioned universities offer top-quality education in Canada. You can opt for any of them to pursue the MIM course and increase your managerial skills.

Jobs and Career Opportunities

Once you have completed your MIM course and received a degree from the best universities in Canada, you will get various job opportunities for career growth and enhancement. Now, as you are fully equipped with all the necessary skills and insights of management, you can easily apply and get high-profile managerial jobs across the world.
There are several managerial job profiles that you can apply for and join after getting your MIM degree from Canada’s top universities. We have mentioned the options below:

1. Business Development Manager: Business Development Managers are the ones who have all the responsibilities of expanding the business through acquiring new clients to the company.  You should have to deal with several aspects of business, finance, management while working as the BDM.

2. Project manager: A project manager will be responsible for handling and drafting the projects along with budget and costing in an organization. Being a MIM professional, you can work as a project manager in any organization you want to. 

3. Risk Manager: This profile is really a tough one. The Risk Manager would be responsible for handling the risks and securing the organization from critical situations. Being a risk manager, you have to take important decisions by looking into all the possible inconsistencies.

4. Management Consultant: Management consultant is a popular career option after pursuing MIM in Canada. Being the management consultant, you need to manage the company while taking care of using the resources effectively and efficiently.

5. Entrepreneur: Once you have pursued your MIM degree from the renowned universities of Canada, you can establish your own enterprise or continue with your family business, if any. You are well versed and skilled with all the managerial and business skills, so handling your own business would be exciting.

So, basically, these were the best career opportunities to start with, after pursuing MIM in Canada. Most probably, every student gets the best jobs while completing their MIM courses. Apart from the top career options mentioned above, you can also go for working as an HR Manager, Training Manager, and Sales Manager, etc.

Alibaba Clone APP Development Company in Chandigarh | Omninos Solutions

Alibaba Clone  APP Development Company in Chandigarh | Omninos Solutions

Alibaba Clone:-

Alibaba is the largest business to business network for small businesses and an eCommerce platform.iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is another script for the Alibaba clone. While the standard MultiCart allows you to start with a simplified version of Alibaba, by allowing you to build multiple sites that can link to a single database, the Enterprise script takes your company a step further. Alibaba clone scripts are with open source PHP code, you can edit or modify your site at any time in the future.  If you do not have a php programmer, the team at iScripts can make any  to the software for you.

Alibaba Clone is a beautiful  Marketplace script that helps startups and entrepreneurs similar to Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon and many more  own no-frill B2B Marketplace websites.
This website of the B2B Marketplace is a portal that links a variety of suppliers and consumers from different countries around the world as this platform helps the suppliers to offer their goods and servicesWe are here to help you in getting started with your own B2B marketplace website to meet the exploding demand of the B2B Trading Marketplace among multiple start-ups, entrepreneurs and business organizations.

Alibaba Clone Script free download

Alibaba Clone, there are several categories such as Smartphone, Automobile Repair Service, Business & Audit Services, Books & Stationery, Cleaning Services, Education & Training, Transportation & Logistics, Technical Products and more. Thus, sellers can choose the category and post their product with the corresponding image, price, description and features.

Alibaba Clone PHP Script

Our Buy and Sell PHP Script features include Product Management, Order Management, Success Story, Trade Show, Newsletter, CMS Management, Input Management, Member Management, Enquires, Market Management, Buying and Selling Lead Management, Cart Choice, Search and List Products for all categories, and more. In PHP and MySQL, our script is developed. This Alibaba script can be customized.

Alibaba Clone, eCommerce - CloneTM’s Best php eCommerce script that delivers complete multi vendor b2b marketplace solutions similar to Alibaba. Get started with custom Alibaba Clone  all your eCommerce business requirements.The PHP Ecommerce Script helps you to move forward with an explicitly crafted B2B Marketplace with the B2B Trading Marketplace.

A Best Alibaba clone script must have advanced features that will allow you to test your e-commerce website for any aspect. You're planning on making money with them! If you launch your full PHP Ecommerce website with the advanced features that nobody else has, your visitors will be interested in your new or different PHP Ecommerce Script compared to Alibaba or the popular PHP Ecommerce Script.

Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Wordpress Theme

Buy2Market is the theme of the Wordpress B2C multi-vendor marketplace. You can build an effective website using this multi vendor marketplace website that can add more than one vendor. It is built using the PHP framework of Wordpress cms. This Wordpress template helps you to make Amazon like your instant marketplace platform.

The wordpress theme allows you to build a site like Esty. It helps more than one seller to sell their goods. It has functions such as various payment gateways, integrated WC provider, integrated Buddypress, Google analytics, and so on.

It's the best Wordpress multi-vendor marketplace for the individual who, like eBay, wants to create their eCommerce website. Using the Wordpress cms PHP scheme, it is fully designed and developed. The vendor will use the bidding option to sell the products. It helps to use this platform rather than suppliers.

Alibaba Clone Wordpress Theme

The B2C Marketplace Script is Bu2Aliexpress. With the marketplace website, this Wordpress theme begins. It has all the fundamental characteristics that are essential to the marketplace. It is the instant content of the multi-vendor marketplace.

The Alibaba Clone Script helps you to launch your own Small Business to Business market segment. It is a site similar to eBay and Amazon, but the only difference connecting company to company (b2b).alibaba clone script codecanyon Many merchants will buy goods from here using the Alibaba clone and are hence also known as Amazon's sister. For retailers and customers, it is a digital marketplace business to business.

Alibaba clone solutions allow you to start your own B2B marketplace, a similar business-to-business trading platform to Alibaba. You will allow your B2B platform for companies and merchants to provide small traders with wholesale offers on consumer products at wholesale rates. It would also promote a discount facility on consumer goods bulk orders.

•    Municipality, Federal Filter
•    Control Panel of Comprehensive Members
•    Converter of Currency
•    Full Segment Classified

The marketplace for Aliexpress emerged in 2010. It was intended for tiny wholesale dealers who were willing to trade and retail. And the export of commodities, too. The company already had more than 800 thousand users two years after its launch clone wordpress.

Tips on How to Present an Assignment in Best Ways

Tips on How to Present an Assignment in Best Ways


Whether you are in school, college, or doing a master’s, Planning and presenting your assignment correctly is the most crucial thing you can do when you are learning and hoping for desired results in your exams. In order to achieve the right project possible and to also present your task, there are so many aspects that you can consider.
And when delivering a project, there are also things that you keep in mind. Organizing and structure, word search, APA referring, type of writing, grammar, and pronunciation, for example. Matlab assignment help And to get the desired grades, there are several other things you should implement, too.
Below we have given some of the excellent tips that will help you in presenting an assignment in the best way. It will help you get good grades in your academics.

Before starting your assignment:

For how this should be implemented, search for all your educational material, the class page, notifications from your instructor, or the project question. Carefully read the instructions to ensure that you get everything and get them accurately in the best way possible.
If you are not happy with what is required, you should contact your instructor and ask him. You should contact them, but it is better to have a record of your instructor's proper answer. A few teachers assume that students can understand how to implement the task with the requisite expectations or results and do not give clear directions. If that is indeed the case for you, then the basic principles below should be followed.

●    Plan your presentation
Planning plays a crucial role in everything. Planning is the foremost step you need to follow before starting or presenting any type of assignment. Always prepare your presentation before you really perform it. It is best to prepare your assignment according to the instructions provided by your teacher. It will work as a polish for your presentation. That's why it is known as the most prominent step in presenting an assignment.

●    Use proper format
Format plays an important role when you are presenting your assignment. Make sure you ask your teacher regarding which format they want you to submit your assignment. One of the following corresponding document classes will apply assignments:  .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx or .rtf.
Unless specifically needed for your class, try not to send HTML documents, pages, Visio (.vsd), CAD records, .ppt, PDFs .pdf or compressed documents. You can ask your instructor personally if you do not know about the format of your assignment.

●    Time Management
This is another thing you must keep in mind while presenting your assignment. Time management is everything. Since there is always a fixed time to present your presentation, it’s important for you to practice the day before the allotted day. You must learn to manage your time. Save some time for the audience so that they can question you regarding your assignment. If you are not given any time to present your assignment then you can use 10-15 minutes.

●    Reference style
The reference style is another thing you need to keep in mind before presenting your assignment. Don’t go choose the reference style by yourself, you need to ask your teacher which style they want you to present the assignment. There are different reference styles like MLA, APA, CHICAGO, etc.

●    Use charts and graphs
If you are presenting a statistics assignment then it will be better for you to use charts and graphs. It will give your teacher a more clear idea of what you are trying to explain. Also, it will leave a good impression on the teacher’s mind which directly helps you in getting good grades.

●    Elaborate in points
Things discussed in points are easily understandable as compared to those discussed in the paragraph. It’s always the best idea to explain things in points. You can also elaborate on every point in a more detailed manner if you want. And also different clours for subheadings that will help your reader understand which step comes under which one.

●    Use infographic
People understand things more from pictures than written texts. So adding infographics to your assignment will make it more engaging. When you are explaining things in points try making an infographic of those points. So don’t forget to add pictures to your assignment then explain them during your presentation.

●     Be Confident
When you are giving the presentation be confident at that time. Be clear when you are speaking. If you are confident while speaking it will help your teacher in evaluating your performance.


I have included all the necessary details that will help you in presenting your assignment in an effective way. All you need to do is follow all the tips we have mentioned above. You need to be confident while presenting your assignment. If you find the above information helpful please let us know in the comment section.